Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thing #5

This RSS feed is sweeeeeet...I stumbled upon the Atlantic Monthly; not that I didn't know about it before but holy moly, there's so much there! I could spend the rest of my life just reading it! On top of that, all the other sites that are chock full of information. I could be sitting here turning into a blob...Okay, enough of this, I'm going out to smell the fresh air, hear the birds, breath in the new springtime fragrance, instead of looking at it on the screen, au revoir!

Thing #4

The reader. Neat that we can access a whole host of resources in one spot instead of popping all over the place. It's a lot more efficient and sweet that I can customize what I want to read to my special likings and tastes. So for instance, if I want to track what's going on in the world of education...I can subscribe to these sites and be able to gain access to them without having to gyrate through multiple searches...right at my fingertips.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taylor Mali on what teachers make

Thing #3

At this point, I believe the habit that would be the most natural for me would be the habit of seeing problems as challenges. I definitely do not see problems as an obstacle but as a opportunity for improvement for the development of possibly the next widget! It is exciting for me to mull things over and see if I can find an "answer" to a problem. On the other hand, the most challenging habit for me would be the habit of "playing". I think that with the work load I have at this moment, it has been extremely difficult for me to play--explore the plethora of new games, applications, technology to my own satisfaction. Intellectually I understand the value of play but practically, it has been a big challenge for me to make this time to "play"!

Thing #2

A good blog is one where the writer is able to express their personal and unique perspective on an item of interest and also be able to connect to those of similar ilk.

It can enhance my school web site by tearing the "walls" of a building and opening up the classroom to the world enriching our students' lives in a profound manner.

Because our students are already texting, facebooking, etc... it is a natural way for them to "learn" and open their world to new learning avenues beyond the classroom

23 Things - The First Thing

I hope to learn how to blaaaahg...communications, networkings is what it's all about...going beyond our four walls and into the WORLD! Wow! Whoa! Whippee!